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The word Bandhani/ Bandhni comes from the Hindi/ Sanskrit words ‘Bandhna’ and ‘Bandha’, meaning ‘tying’ or ‘to tie’. Bandhej is a variation of this word. Bandhani refers to the traditional Indian ‘tie and dye‘ art (resist-dyeing technique that uses impermeable threads for tying), used to produce beautiful, fine circular patterns on fabrics. Bandhani is considered very auspicious, especially in Rajasthan and Gujarat. From weddings to births, Bandhani finds a sacred association everywhere. Legends have it that wearing Bandhani Sarees invites good luck. Artisans usually start with white, unbleached fabric. Thick cords are used to cast designs, using Geru mixture (red/ orange earth mixed with water). These sarees are stiff and easy to pleat and wear. Come shop our exclusive Bandhini print sarees today!

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