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The most versatile fabric with a soft sheen, light-weight and crinkled texture is obtained from the silk primarily. Crepe is long known for its extremely soft, suave, and sensuous appeal with a wrinkled appearance due to the unique weaving and knitting process by twisting the thin filaments of silk or any fabric. Cotton, rayon, chiffon are mostly used these days to create crepe which is why it is difficult to decode the base fabric of crepe silhouette.

Styling a crepe silk saree or salwar kameez with pearls, terracotta jewelry or even silver oxidized jewelry is quite a popular way of promoting and styling this ethnic ensemble. Women who prefer to wear it to work on a daily basis can accessorize with fashion jewelry like silver oxidized, terracotta, or pearl drops to create a statement. For parties and special occasions, accessorizing it minimal is the key to flaunt the gorgeous fall and rich drape of this opulent attire. Ladies can notch up the glamour with semi-precious stones to highlight the contemporary silhouette in panache. Diamonds and gold will take away all the attention and therefore, are not suitable for crepe clothing. Opt for exotic stones to steal the spotlight.

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