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The saree is an innate Indian tradition draped in the roots of Indian history. The Handloom Cotton has outlived from the Mauryan empire to the modern makeshift ages, where this drape can literally be paired with anything. Handloom Saree has clearly surpassed the test of time and versatility, revamping and outgrowing in every era. The Handloom Cotton saree can be accounted for its 5,000 years of existence and has also been claimed the oldest piece of nine yards of wonder. This ancient clothing originated from the very fact that stitching was impure in Hinduism, so strategically this had to be pleated and folded across the body to make it a proper attire. The saree material has undergone transformations owing to the weather conditions yet unlike any other garment, Handloom Cotton saree turned out and continued to be the most versatile and worn outfit by Indian women. Come shop India’s favourite and most iconic sarees here!

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