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Dhoti is the traditional attire of Indian men. The styles and attitudes of dhoti wearers change depending on the state or province. The presence of dhotis can be felt prevalently in various functions and proceedings. Dhoti is a word that originated from the Sanskrit word Dhauta. It was also marked as the traditional wear by several leading Indian politicians across the Indian subcontinent. Initially, it was worn only with a kurta. The dhoti was also considered to be an attire that commanded respect and dignity. Dhoti is available predominantly in white and cream colors. In most regions of the south, it is mostly made using a gold border. Mostly, 5 yard long strips of cloth are used to make dhotis. Approximately five knots are used to wrap this garment. This attire is suitable for all weathers and has become a global interest for Indian men. Come shop our range of Dhoties for men today!

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